Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm being random today! All I've done is school and talk on gmail, sometimes I do that...I'm babysitting right now and just felt like I wanted to post...

here are some random pics I took today:

My awesome laptop and my weird-colored carpet

My special Smiley box -(*.*)- lol

My Chucks...
A really cute buni that I found online

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I really haven't accomplished much this week. I mean, I've done school, Wrote in my book, and just did...Nothing! I mean, I had some activities but other than that...I'm pretty boring. I posted my story but decided to keep it secret :). Sorry! =P

Our Youth Talk was canceled tonight so we won't have it till next month. But they started this new thing where every other week we do a meeting then everyother week do a game night. At least they plan to.

My bff Kaitlyn is in Washington D.C.! I miss you Kaitlyn!!! =P


Random Pictures:

*Ritas* A random picture I took...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was thinking of maybe posting some of my writing on here. I don't know cuz I kind of like it secret. Ya know? I know actually I am weird like that. I just don't like people reading it until it's ready and edited...But if you want to see it go to this liink: no never mind...I haven't edited it yet! So...maybe after I edit it and actually finish the story then you can actually I can give you the liink and you can see what kind of writing I do. Don't think anything of it though cuz I haven't edited it yet...okay? Just remember that I don't have much experience...
Then in the search box type in my username----- mandilei513 --------
Then click on me and pick whatever you want to read that I wrote...Ben this would be a good place to publish your writing so that people can review it and you can learn a lot. You should try it (It's free).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Soccer and Cobbler

Steph had a soccer game today. They won their first game 1-0! I'm happy now! They weren't doing that great the first four games. They tied 1-1 first game, lost 4-0 the second and third and won the fourth! Yay! This is only Steph's second time playing in a game though so we didn't watche the first or second. But we did watch the fourth. Oh nevermind I'm so confusing!
Tonight for supper we had Chicken Pie and Green beans. Now, a few hours later, we're having dessert. It's called Strawberry Cobbler and it's probably my favorite dessert. Here are some pictures of what ours kind of looks like. I love it! :

This one's kind of different than ours. Ours looks better

This one is closer...mmmm...:)

This one is fancier and juicier.

LOL, I can't believe I'm posting cobbler pictures on my blog! =P But it's so good!

I really enjoy writing...It's fun! I'm working on a novel but i have no clue what the title will be yet. I have written some silly stories in my childhood but seriously...ehem...I did finish them (Which is very important if you are a writer). I enjoy it a lot...

Well I have to get back to eating my cobbler! =P lol I'm weird.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me and my Cuzzie

I have a lot of cousins. One of Wesley's friends accidentally broke down our garage door. The window and all. So my Uncle (QC Construction) and some guy are fixing it. They've been here all day. Steph is taking her test to get her permit! I'm nervous for her cuz she's really scared. I think she'll do good though.

Me and my cousin took some pictures and a few funny videos: Yes his hair is really long but he won't cut it until summer

Isn't he cute? He's almost nine I think...Elicia, how old is he I don't know how I forgot. Sorry =P I like that picture...=P Here's where it gets crazy!!:

Don't think anything of this. We were being really weird...that was a while ago(this morning)


This is funny. We were demonstrating how high his voice is! :) lol

Well I still am doing school. Steph didn't get to take her test cuz it was too crowded. But she's going back at 3. Bye! ~Mandi

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I cannot believe that Alexis Grace didn't make it. She was my absolute favorite! She did so much better than Megan! Megan had the flu!!! That's horrible...
I don't have much to say...I'm sad...:(

Second part of "Busy Week"

So yeah...I had a fun week. Steph is playing soccer at Covenant Classicle. It's really fun to watch but I really wish I could play. I HATE watching cuz it makes me want to play!!! I started walking Monday though! I'm so happy! =P So today My mom went to lunch with Mrs. Brown and I went over to their house to hang out with Makayla. Here is a picture of me in their garage. *sigh* I wish I could play...
I'm watching American Idol right now! I love that show...My favorites are two girls: Alexis Grace and Allison Irahetta then my three favorite guys are: Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert. They aren't in order though... I Love her voice!!! Haha I love that pic!
Danny's so sweet!!! =P I like his voice...not his look...seriously he wears black fingernail polish--anyone like black nail polish on guys? Or period??? I don't like it on guys but it's okay on girls...
Just like Randy said, tender moments...I love his voice...
Anyway...just felt like saying something about American Idol and I ended up posting pictures of my favorites. Hope you aren't bored with me but this is my life! I love music and mostly I love God. I don't have much to say about my relationship with him. I think the more I talk to him the more I he's there. We haven't gotten to hear any sermons for the past two weeks so...I miss them. Pastor Detwiler is really good!
I'm babysitting the boys right now...they're sleeping though...
I take piano and we had to change the practices from Thursday to Wednesday. I'm so used to piano being on Thursday I don't know how I will get used to it being on Wednesday! I like piano a lot. For the Grace Arts Festival I'm playing "He is Jesus". I don't know who I'm going to have for a soloist...I don't know...I'm not much for playing in front of people but, I'll get used to it.
OMG! I'm watching Amercan Idol and All who's left is Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert! Those are like almost my favorites!!! I don't want either of them to go home! PLZ!! sorry...hang on...
I can't believe that it's left to Michael and Alexis! One of them is going home! Please don't be Alexis. They're some of the best! Sorry but I really like them. And I wanted to state my opinion. Maybe I stated a bit more but I don't care.
Carrie Underwood's hair is short! She sings really good. I have to go. I don't even know who it is! I will post later!

~Mandi <3

Busy week

So Yes. I have had a Busy week. But I have had lots of fun! On Sunday we were in children's ministry. Then after church I went to Bethany Clinards. We talked, made cookies, talked, watched the Pacifier, and played the piano. It was fun! Here are some pictures:

This is just a random picture that we took on her bed. Hmm...yeah weird even weirder...oh well I like weird/cool pics! mmmm hmmmmmm

This is the recipe for the cookies we were making Ingredients- We hated the peanut butter though (It was like hard and stuff)
That looked really gross inside... These are them! I look weird there but hey, they were good! :):)
Well, I will post more in a minute.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have been on the computer for a while today. It's fun though! I was holding Peyton earlier and took a random picture with my laptop. Here it is: Peyton is amused by the light on the laptop. I just woke up so...look at Peyton not me. Last night we watch the third Lord of the Rings for the first time. I hate the part where Gollum bites of Frodos finger. ewww! I wish they didn't put that in there. Oh well. I seriously don't get the ending. Why does Frodo have to die? That's what he's doing right? When he goes on the ship? I am confused.
I might have Darcy over but I don't know. I have been so busy lately! But I want to have her over anyway. I want to go to frisbee tomorrow even though I can't play. I really wish I could. It's so boring when you can't! I plan to try and walk Monday! I have walked before but it hurts so I quit and decided to wait. Hopefully it will feel better soon. I think it's healing! Yay!
I wish I had a facebook but Steph just got one so if I got one then....that'd be weird if I got one at the same time as her. I think I can get one within a year, but i don't know.
It's allergy season and unfortunatly mine have come back. I am allergic to Spring grass, weeds trees, ect. and then dust. Blah, I hate allergies.
Well....This is my life!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My 1st Post!


Yup. I have a blog now! I'm so excited! So yeah...I'm not really sure how to work this thing so sorry if it looks terrible.

Well first off. I have a cute lil' bunny, Zoe, which not many people know that so...Here she is.

Yes. She is really photogenic. (sp?) I love her so much! She's a GREAT buni! The other day I let her out and she played for a bit. She's crazy! She loves to explore and run in zigzags all over my room. A couple months ago she discovered a hole under Steph's bed and got into it somehow. Then she went in her mattress! Here's a picture of her inside of the mattress:

Cool right? No...not really...She absolutly loved it! But I hated it. I mean, I didn't mind it at first but...when she wouldn't come out, it got really difficult. So the other day I spent a few minutes and sewed the hole back up. I am sure she will find a way back into it though. She turns one on April 24! I'm gonna throw her a partay! jk. She won't care so whatev. She is a very important part of my life. We love to hang out and lay down together. She really loves people, which I am so relieved. I didn't know what her personality would be when I got her! But, she is better than I expected. <3 you Zoegirl!

Peyton is teething, we think. Time has passed so quickly! Her birth came suddenly one day and ended really fast! (2hours of labor!) I can't believe she's already 6 months old! She's so precious! Here's an adorable video of when she first laughed!

I was just doing peek-a-boo and she started cracking up! We were so surprised it was hard for us not to.

I had Christianne over today! We played Wii for a loong time. (Wii play, then mario party 8) It was fun but then we got bored of it. We didn't take any pictures really so I don't have any to post. But we had tons of fun!

Well, we plan on watching the third LOTR so...I need to go! This is a fun place though!