Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Bunnies!!!

So yeah, I haven’t posted in a while…
But I have been SO busy! On Monday Makayla Brown called me and asked if I knew anything about taking care of baby bunnies. I said yes, cuz I have a book on it and I have bunny.

Apparently Zach was mowing lawn and there was a nest with baby bunnies! One of them was hurt from the start. So they took them home and took care of them because there was a dog that lived there and would probably eat them or something... They have like five animals so they gave them to us to take care of. We went to Petsmart and got some cat replacement formula (KMR) cuz you’re supposed to feed them it. When we got back Zach had already brought them to us!
We got used to them and stuff. But the one that was hurt died shortly after we got them...:( Here he is:

I’m too sad to talk about him. :( (we buried him in our backyard next to another rabbit we found dead one time)

They were so cute. I took so many pictures and videos of them that it would take So long to post them all. I did want to post a few though… Here they are!:

*Lil* "The baby"
*Kris* "The runt and the sweet little boy"
*Adam Lambunny* "The fat and lazy bun who always eats triple as much as the others!"

*Roxy* "The frisky, hiper bun"
Now that I've introduced them here are some random pictures of them:

*Group sniff!*

*Brothers Wrestling on who gets to sit in the corner*

(Seriously they were) *Roxy*

(She was actually the first one with her eyes open)
*Kris telling Adam a secret* ;)

*Roxy and Lil* (Sisters)
*Roxy squirming cuz she's full*
*Adam and Roxy*

*Lil being cute*
*Kris squatting and being his normal self*
(He's always sleepy. He was so pitiful and hardly ate)
*Roxy and Lil again*
*Kris and Adam again*
I adore this picture!
*Adam before his eyes were completly open*
*Lil before her eyes were open*
*Kris enjoying his milk*
*Kris being hoppity when he usually isn't*
*Roxy being cute*
*Lil falling asleep*
*Adam dreaming of mommy*

*Roxy sleeping*

I Love them, they are so cute. But after two days and nights of feeding them, I was tired…so we called the vet to ask their opinion and they said “It’s against the law to take wild life in you home” She said to take them back where they were and leave them for their mama to come back. But I wasn’t going to do that cuz their mom was probably dead or not coming back. So we called ARC (Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas) and they had a person who worked for them that had a license to take care of them. That’s all I know for now! They’re supposed to call maybe after they’re going to set them free so…I will be sure to post about what happens to them. I hope they all live!
Yeah I started typing this last night and now it’s the next day cuz we went shopping with Darcy and Kailey so…I most likely will post this even later cuz it takes a while for the picturesto upload...I have some videos but I'm not going to post them cuz it didn't work!
(It's Monday a week later and I finally had a chance to send it. If anyone knows an easier way to upload these pictures please comment!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not much...

So not much has been going on since last week cuz ALL of us have been sick with strep throat...yeah... not fun! :( But I've been feeling a lot better! Which is good, cuz I'm ready to start school back. I don't know it's just that when I finally get school off I don't know what to do so I want to start it back! I don't know why, is that just me or anyone else feel that way?