Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Steph!

She's sixteen!

I got a different hair style...it looks fake to me but i like it...tell me what you think!:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'This is real...this is me!'

Blah blah i felt like posting again.
i've been thinking...do you ever feel like you aren't being yourself? Or you forgot who you used to be and wonder if you've changed into someone you're not? well, that's how i've been feeling lately...like i have these days where i look in the mirror and think that inside my body who am i? Like the outside describes people a LOT and if you ever looked at my old pictures i look so much different and i know it's mostly cuz i'm older but...i still feel empty...like other people are influencing who i am. So from now on i'm going to be myself and forget what i used to be and see how i change...if i'm different or the same. if i'm the same i guess i was being myself all along...if i'm not...then, i guess i'm changed.
sorry if i confused you...lol.


i'm sick....with a cold but it's not as bad as last time. idk why i always get sick!!!
We saw UP with the Browns a while ago. I just didn't have a chance to post. It was OK but not the best. Like, it was pretty funny in some places but deffinately not my favorite.
I want to go to this summer camp: http://mastersinnministries.com/
but idk...i might be too late cuz i'm just now asking my parents...

Monday, June 8, 2009


i haven't posted it a while! a month about? Well, it's cuz I've been trying to finish school (I FINISHED!!!) So...i'm not going to bore you with my lame activities and stuff so I will try to think of something interesting...
um I can't think of anything in particular so I will just be my random self...
I love reading! I'm about to start Romeo and Juliet cuz I haven't ever really read it...is it good?
if you have any read requests just let me know. I'm open to hearing ANY good books...
Last Friday I had Kaitlyn over! We went swimming and both scraped our feet on the bottom of the pool like right when we got there....ouch it hurt so bad! We came home and goofed around the rest of the night until 1...yeah pretty boring for ya'll to read but fun for us! Here are a few pictures...just to let you know how much fun we did have! :) In the back of my dad's truck on our way to my brothers' baseball games!

Yup! We had lots of fun!
i hope this isn't too long...Ben told me I post too long and I can see how it'd be tiring or whatever...but I didn't post too long this time I don't think...
I do a lot of periods don't I?...lol...
have a great day!