Saturday, August 29, 2009


I haven't posted in a long time. I haven't had a chance to. J.O.E.L. (Just Our Everyday Life) it just keeps me on my toes. I feel like everyday of my life I'm sooo busy. I don't have much time for myself hardly at all! And most of all, I haven't had much time for God. I really want to get back on my schedule of having my devotions and praying ya know, but it's really tough cuz school just put a huge load to my schedule (which it should) but I do like school. You may think that's weird but i do enjoy it. It really does depend on each subject.
My subjects:

Algebra 1 Rhetoric History
Biology Rhetoric Writing
English 9 Spanish
Literature Vocabulary

And last year I only had four subjects!!!!! Well, I did English half the year and Literature the other half. So four continuous subjects.
Also we're doing a few classes in Tapestry. That's why I said my History and Writing were Rhetoric cuz that's what class I'm in. Spanish I am so behind in. I haven't done ANY of it. But through the summer I did a few classes with Charlie M. so I have some experience.
Sorry you really didn't need to know that much about my school. I just didn't feel like writing it all out in my journal, ya know? It's easier to type it up on my blog...
So yeah, last night's game night was really awesome!!!!!! I love playing volleyball but I got really tired.
Steph's doinng Strikers Soccer and I'm doning CCS Volleyball. We're undefeated. But I didnt' play in that game yesterday. probably cuz I missed like three practices and two game when we were at the beach.
I would post about the beach but like, i can't upload any new pictures on my laptop cuz it's full of memory or somthing. I have to move them to a different folder. idk, my dad will have to figure that out.

sorry this post is really long. but hey! I haven't posted in a really long time!!!!!!

hehe Peace!


Ben said...

Thank you! Omg four subjects, lucky. what the heck is Algebra 1 Rhetoric History? Good seeing you on Friday. lylas

Ben said...

Oh btw, I meant thank you for posting lol.

Christianne said...

ummm Ben, she has four subjects LAST YEAR.
Algebra 1 and Rhetoric History are two different things.
you're confusing.

anyway, yessss. =)

YAY! I'm glad about your volleyball. ^_^ hope you keep doing well.

ugh, well that wouldn't be fun... your laptop being full... you might have to put a bunch of stuff on disk and get rid of them on your computer or something.

and I like long posts. ^_^

K8lynh said...

hey sweety..i think u need again...hint hint...well luv u! c u tomorrow!!!!! I <3 U!!

K8lynh said...

btw i did i mention i love that pic?!?!?! hahahaha luv u! did i tell u that? I LUV U!