Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friends...Mimi's Cafe...I have a wonderful LIFEE! =D =P

I had Amanda Sutton over Sunday! for the first time actually. We did a lot of stuff like making muffins, laughing, putting our hair up in a crazy hair do...yeah girls do that...and taking lots of pictures. She's very particular about which one's i post on my blog but of course i am too...we took some pretty crazy pictures and videos. So i will only post the good/mostly good ones...dotdotdot I like this one!
I took a picture from off her camera!
*US* haha look a ME!!!
I don't think she likes this pic but i do!
aaaaaaaaaaaaand our FEET!!!!!!!!

Mimi's Cafe is a really good resteraunt. It's my favorite for now...
Tell, me if you've ever been there and you're favortie meal cuzz I'm going to try something new tonight even though i don't think anyone will check this in time....tell me anyway!
I've only been there once but the bread was amazzzingg! I had 4 buttermilk pancakes and some of my dad's bread... here are some pictures of the food (yes I am weird enough to take pictures of food IN a resteraunt...as long as it looks good.):
I forgot to mention that I'm doing this really cool bible study with my friends! It was a really good idea and i deffinatly think it's helping me grow spiritially. I had it this morning and it went great! It's funny cuzz last week was our first week and it only took us around 20 min. to do the discussion and pray and we had like an hour and 40 min. until we were being picked up! yeah it was pretty funny. But this time we took almost an hour so...we're getting better at it! lol =D

The End of this Post!


Ben said...

wow... hahaha

K8lynh said...

i like the pic on top..of us!!! it is funny!! lol i miss u..florida says hi..and so do i...hey that rhymes...lol

K8lynh said...

hey can u send me that pic of us u have up there cuz its on your camera...the one on the top...thanks!!

Mandi said...

sure kait, i love you and miss you hope you're having an awesome in Florida!!! =D

Emii said...

hey, ur blog's awesome,, and,, ohh i gotta hav one of those pancakes, they look sooo yummy!!!


Darcy Herlihy said...

Mannnndi put up the awesome pics of us!